Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The HSF: Planning for the Future

This year was a total write-off for me in terms of the Historical Sew Fortnightly. I failed miserably at completing each challenge on time. I still intend to finish each challenge in the spirit of it, if not the law. I probably will not complete another challenge this year. When I started writing this post in October, I was becoming rather overwhelmingly busy. I needed to move at the end of the month (I ended up moving on November 2), NaNoWriMo starts on November 1st of which I am one of the people that coordinates events for my region, and then, when I started writing the post, I was working in a retail store. I usually go straight from the craziness of novel-writing straight into holiday shopping. But I decided mid-October to search for a new job. I do not recommend moving, novel-writing, AND job-hunting all at the same time. It does not make for a happy frame of mind.

But I persevered :) My move went very well even though it made me realize that I have too much stuff. Novel writing eventually came together, though it was just past midway when I decided I hated my novel and I wasn't going to write it anymore and then had to switch to a new novel and write 37k words in under 2 weeks. My new job involves covering the reception desk for a couple hours a day, and while I have a project to work on when not there, I can't do it at the front. So I've been spending a lot of time looking at costume blogs and planning future projects :)

I've decided to participate in the Historical Sew Fortnightly 2014! And at the same time finish all of the 2013 challenges too! Hooray!

Since I am still trying to organize my apartment (I moved from a 3-floor, 2-bed townhouse into a 450 sq ft apartment), it's mostly all in the planning stages right now. I've been taking Leimomi's advice and trying to plan ahead so I can be better prepared for actually finishing this year :)

I am thinking about what I want to do for all of the challenges. So, here is a run-down.

#2: UFO
#6: Stripes
#10: Literature

#1: 'Centennial: 1913ish Stays (based on Festive Attyre's pattern)
#3: Under It All: Finish the 1770s stays I started in January.
#4: Embellish: Blackwork embroidery on an Elizabethan shift.
#5: Peasants & Pioneers: Hadn't totally decided yet. Either a Flemish ensemble or a dress inspired by Sienna Guillory's in Gunless.
#7: Accessorize: Finish the Victorian Bonnet I started in July.
#8: By The Sea: I was gonna do a cute Victorian seaside outfit, then I was going to make a Hogwarts-themed Victorian bathing costume, or perhaps a SWEET nautical-themed dress from Voice of Fashion.
#9: Flora & Fauna:
#11: Squares, Rectangles & Triangles: Probably a petticoat, unsure on century.
#12: Pretty Pretty Princess: I haven't quite decided yet. This one was due a day after the one-year anniversary of a beloved friend's death, and we had a "princess boot camp" with some other friends for the express purpose of dressing up. I need a bit more time to think on it and get the inspiration right.
#13: Lace and Lacing:
#14: Eastern Influence:
#15: White: A Regency gown made from the Folkwear pattern.
#16: Separates: A Victorian bodice to go with one of my many skirts.
#17: Robes and Robings: There is a lovely early 1900s "kimono" pattern I have that I'd like to try.
#18: Re-make, Re-use & Re-fashion: Turning an old 1980s costume Victorian gown into something lovely, likely an Edwardian gown.
#19: Wood, Metal, Bone:
#20: Outerwear: I think I will do a Victorian coat..? I don't wear most of my outfits in winter cuz it's just too cold without a coat, and I do not have a coat that will fit. I should start this soon, it's full-on winter here!
#21: Green: Linen 1770s gown.
#22: Masquerade:
#23: Generosity & Gratitude: A 1770s gown with major props to Katherine C.G.
#24: Re-do: A chance to re-do a challenge! Maybe "Under it All" with panniers or a bum pad.
#25: One-yard:
#26: Celebrate:


#1: Make do and Mend:
#2: Innovation: a new corset for myself.
#3: Under it All:
#4: Pink!:
#5: Bodice: A cream-coloured Victorian ballgown bodice to go with skirts I already have.

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