Monday, December 30, 2013

A Year in Costuming Review

A number of blogs I follow are doing a list of projects the ladies had completed during the year, and I thought what a great idea! I feel bad that I didn't make so many things this year, so I am inspired to do better next year! (Especially since I found a list of projects I wanted to complete a couple of years and I did do most of them.) I have set myself a very lofty goal of actually finishing the HSF on time, as well as all of my missed challenges from this year, AND at least one, hopefully two, new cosplay(s).

Here's what I completed this year:

Mei-rin cosplay
Photo by B.M.
 photo 159eb534-9310-4010-962c-8ffd6ce2eccd_zpsc604b46b.jpg

Gothic Lolita petticoat
 photo IMG_4429_zps62cc91f9.jpg

Two Regency gowns (the green one had its first outing as a belly-dance cover-up lol)
 photo IMG_4490_zps023ace28.jpg  photo IMG_4492_zps3df8c686.jpg

Six cosplay (commission)
Photo by Unknown
 photo 459268_10151605146882419_123654590_o_zpscd6ac53a.jpg

Pin-striped early 1880s riding habit
Photo by H.S.
Photo by H. Schroeder photo 1081851_10200686181975433_568424258_n_zps34822181.jpg

Timeless-inspired gown
 photo IMG_4546_zps2e10da35.jpg

Jedi outfit / Melisandre cosplay / Snow White costume (commission) (No photos)

1750s stays

Toothless amigurumi

Crocodile stitch hood

And that's it... Kind of disappointed in myself. I know I was shuffling a lot of blame onto my retail job, with the variation in hours not giving me as much free time as I thought I needed to make things, but I really think I just wasn't dedicated enough to spend that precious free time working on things.

Next year :) Things WILL be accomplished. Oh yes.

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