Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015 Year In Review

Phew, it's the end of the year already! Friends, thank you for being so patient with me these last few months. I feel like I had so many things happening and so much on-the-go, that blogging simply had to take a back seat. Unfortunately, sewing got stuck back there too, and so did knitting. But in the spirit of the past two years, here's a look back on what I made this year anyway :) Many of them were not blogged about, so I've linked to their posts where I can.

Items made (more or less in order):

The sontag took about a month to knit, and I've already started a new one. I want to try the knitted border instead of the crocheted one, but I'm not making it a priority. It'll be done when it's done :) I wear this one around the house sometimes when it's really cold out, but as the winter has so far been pretty mild, I haven't needed to yet (knock wood!).

Still LOVE this petticoat :D It lived for most of the summer under the 1840s dress on Josephine.

I decided one day to make a bumpad to go under it, and tossed one together in a few hours. The pattern is from Simplicity 3727.

Stashbusting-Sari gown. One of my favourite makes this year. I wish it was a teensy bit longer, but what can you do :)

1928 frock for friend's birthday – not super happy with the overall look, and it was difficult to drape on myself. I started with a base pattern, pinned and pinned, eventually came out with something that looked like the pattern. It was a pretty easy sew.

Regency Bodiced Petticoat – quite enjoy it. It needs to be reworked though, it's VERY tight around the armscye and yet my boobs fall into it after a few hours. I had to make it REALLY short to fit under the sari gown, and it likes to bunch up around my knees when I wear cotton gowns (read: all of the ones I own) Still, it's really cute and it fulfilled its purpose. I have enough fabric left I could remake the bodice part. Or perhaps just remove the bodice and add some straps!

Cosplays - Tauriel and Juri (Utena). Tauriel, I've come to realize over the summer and early fall, I am no longer excited about. The costume was uncomfortable and not as well-designed or constructed as I would like, and on the day I wore it, something deeply personal happened that really affected my enjoyment of wearing it at all. So I'm not sure if I'm going to remake it or just consider it a lost cause. For the summer con, I started making, and nearly finished, an anime cosplay, Juri from Utena (not pictured), but the day I would have worn it, I spent instead with my family as it was just a couple of weeks after my Grampa passed away. It needs some leg band buttons and some finishing work and a ton of decorative buttons.

1840s gown - It needs some sliiiight tweaks before I will consider it 100% finished, but I am SO pleased with it! I was waiting for cooler weather to take pictures, as I finished it at the start of summer and hoo boy did we have a hot one this year! Getting all dressed up to take pictures just was not on my agenda. And then other stuff was happening when the weather became agreeable and I just haven't done it yet. Can't wait to do it though, perhaps early in the new year :3

Green summer dress - it just needs buttons and buttonholes, but my main machine is in desperate need of a servicing, she is making the most horrible noises, and I just can't afford to get her in right now. So, no buttons for me for awhile...

Pineapple reticule - Probably my favourite knitted thing I've made this year. Heehee, I just adore it! It's so silly and ridiculous and also practical, what's not to love?

1930s skirt - I'm just waiting to get some petersham ribbon to finish this off. I drafted the skirt from Vera Venus directions, made it up out of the last bit of brown fabric (literally not enough left for a waistband!), and hemmed it with hem tape my gramma gave me eons ago. I hand-picked the zipper, too! My main machine doesn't have an adjustable foot, and I didn't even bother trying out one on Beatrice, because I just have never perfected machine-sewing a zipper. Hand-sewing it still wasn't perfect, but it was remarkably easy and I like the control I have with a hand needle.

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Star Wars hat - can't resist another attempt at stranded knitting since my first one went so poorly, and it was Star Wars!! Sadly it was too big for my head, so it's gone on to a new home.

Yoga socks (Not pictured)- started making these for my dance studio. It's in the basement of an old building (built in the 20s, I think) and now that winter is here, it's cold on the feet! These leave the toe and heel free to grip the floor, but keep the foot and ankle warm. They also fit over leather jazz shoes! I'm usually pulling them off by the middle of class lol.

Ravenclaw sweater - I wanted to make this to wear for Halloween. It took me a good 3 weeks of really dedicated and focused knitting, and sadly it's not quite right. It's a bit too short and it's definitely too wide, but the sleeves are 95% perfect (I put a stripe on the bottom when I shouldn't have). I will probably remake this, but not with a deadline! It's made from 100% wool, so it was REALLY warm! I'm usually freezing at work and wear a poncho around, but I didn't need to that day!

Doctor Who Scarves - My dad found and gave me his yarn, all of which was purchased for the making of scarves, so I knitted him one. Then I sorted out the rest of it, and am making two more. One for myself in a smaller scale, and one to sell when it's finished. It's going to take awhile, it's a good 12 feet long lol.

King's Landing gown - Made this in time to take it to Spokane for WorldCon. I finished the hemming by hand in the hotel room the night before (my friend made fun of me for DAYS), and we made a nicely matched set. The day we wore them, the air quality was exceptionally bad, full of orangey smoke that permeated even the insides of the convention centre. We managed to sneak outside for 10 minutes or so to take pictures on the river.

Regency stays - my old stays were improperly fitted and I've been making-do with either a good push-up bra or the bodiced petticoat (thank goodness my petite bust point is good for something!). I was SO excited when I was able to pick this pattern (Laughing Moon) up locally! (Psst Canadians, Nutmeg Sews carries these!) I finished them pretty quick, but haven't managed to take any worn-photos yet. Plus the back is pretty high and peeks out of most of my gowns.

Long Regency stays - I had started these Mantua Maker stays in early 2012 during one of the bed bug sprays, and they have been sitting mostly finished for a good 3 years. All they needed was binding, and I got that done in time for the Michaelmas Ball so that the RSG could display them.

1910s corset - Made up this summer from the last of the coutil (last seen on my 1850s corset), with bits and bobs raided from other corsets. I made it exactly as-is from Festive Attyre's pattern and I need to tweak it a bit since it closes almost completely! I also started some of the other bits, like a corset cover, so I can get going on an outfit, but as I was unable to attend the train ride this year, it has gone to the back burner.

I'm looking forward to what 2016 brings!

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