Monday, February 17, 2014

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HSF '14 #3: Pink: Pocket Paniers

I'm pretty pleased I got these done only one day late, considering I wasn't planning on doing it at all (I've been too busy sulking about the state of my apartment and missing my cat, who is staying with my friends until after the bedbug re-spray. Just a few more days!) I would have had them done on the due date as they took next to no time at all, except I had given myself a "social day" with friends at the Harry Potter Exhibition and looking through a telescope at the sun. So I didn't start them until about 7:30pm and there's only so late I want to work on things. So really, it's my own fault it's late ;)

My current set of undergarments is packed up for the spray (grr) but I laid some fabric over top to see how they would lay. I didn't add the tapes across the front and back, thinking that they weight of any petticoats on top would help keep them down, and the fabric seemed to hold that theory up. I couldn't fit through any doorway in my apartment. AWESOME :D

I was determined not to buy anything new for this challenge, and I was whining to myself about using up more twill tape than I wanted. I decided to try bias tape, since I got a bunch about 20 years ago from my Gramma that I have no practical use for but can't throw or give away because some day I might need some lavender bias tape... I tested the first three channels after I sewed them to make sure the cable ties would fit. One advantage to the bias taps is that it would stretch a little around the cable tie and really hold it in place.

I really like the juxtaposition of teal on coral :)

The cable ties came in a rolled-up package and retained their curl when I opened it. At first I put them in following their curl but the panier collapsed in on itself that way, so I had to flip them over. Much better, except in a few places where the plastic can't decide what it's doing. As long as it does its job, it will be fine :)

The Challenge: #3 Pink
Fabric: 1m-ish coral mystery fabric (likely poly-cotton)
Pattern: The Dreamstress' Panier-a-long from last year
Year: 1760-1780 (as per the above link)
Notions: poly teal bias tape, poly twill tape, heavy duty cable ties
How historically accurate is it?: In shape only.
Hours to complete: 4
First worn: not yet
Total cost: Around $5.00, with most of the cost being the cable ties The fabric and bias tape were both stash items that I'm reasonably sure I received from someone else, the twill tape was $0.80 and the cable ties were about $5.50 for 10 (used 6).

Road to Costume College 2018

Gosh, where did the first half of the year go? (I know where, winter was unusually long and dark and cold, and it's effect lasted longer...