Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Year in Review

Happy holidays, friends! I love doing the year in review, looking back on the things I made and remembering the pieces I forgot, so here it is!

There really isn't a lot. This was a very rough year, dealing with my mental and physical health, my cat's health, all the bad news of the world (so... much... bad... news...), struggling to make my budget work, and the death of a beloved aunt. I tried to participate in the Historical Sew Monthly, and I only got to 4 challenges (with some plans for others). I made more things than I blogged about, so here is the complete list.

HSM 1: late 1830s cap

Regency drop-front gown, petticoat, and vest

Green wool spencer

HSM 2: Market Hat

HSM 4: 1838-1840 Honeycomb Shawl from The Workwoman's Guide

Jareth the Goblin King (Ball) from Labyrinth


Blue Natural-form skirt

Natural Form petticoat

Fuu from Magic Knight Rayearth

Photo by Dorothy Tse

Scarlet's Cape (plus some work on the shirt)

Chihiro's Bathhouse uniform from Spirited Away

Sophie Hatter from Howl's Moving Castle (Unfinished)

Black Regency drop-front gown (unfinished)

Miramar tunic

HSM 10: 1795 Cotton Open-Robe from Patterns of Fashion

Ceinture a la victime

HSM 11: Many-era seamed Stockings

Summer house-dress

And of course some yarn-based projects! I made a hood, some mitts, a scarf, slippers, dance socks, a baby blanket, and a hat. I try to keep my Ravelry page up-to-date :)

I have BIG PLANS to be more productive next year! In early November, my friend NutMeg caught a seat sale and mentioned it in time for Nicole and I (and another friend) to jump on, so I'm going to LA for Costume College!! I'm so excited, I've wanted to go for years! I had already planned to work on a Big Project for Canada's 150th birthday this upcoming year, and it will make a fantastic gala gown too. I have to make pretty much everything from the skin out, so I'm starting the year with underwear :)

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