Sunday, May 31, 2015

HSM '15: #5 Practicality: Regency Bodiced Petticoat

I had a few ideas of what to make for this challenge, and the one I had my heart most set on was an apron. I never used to use aprons, and in the last few years I've begun to really appreciate them. They're so useful! I put one on any time I'm in the kitchen -- for cooking (protects my clothes from food spills), for washing dishes (protects me from water splashes) -- and tuck a tea towel into the strings wrapped around my waist for convenient hand-wiping or spill-cleaning. I prefer ones with pockets -- sometimes I tuck my phone or a tool into the pocket when I want it handy. I hadn't quite decided on era, but aprons are so ubiquitous in historical contexts and are relatively simple to make, so I wasn't concerned about that.

Then, mid-month, my partner-in-crime and I attended another Regency ball. I haven't been wearing the proper underpinnings of late, having made the stays many years ago and finding them too small. While I sometimes rail against the size and shape of my chest, which makes fittings interesting when I have to take out 2-4" out of the chest, it's fairly ideal for Regency. I find I get a similar shape with a good push-up bra. I'm going to make some new stays, never fear, but, well, you folks know how it goes. It's on the list, it will be accomplished some day :)

After the ball, which was amazingly wonderful, partner-in-crime and I decided to get together for a sewing day, and we would make bodiced petticoats. She wanted to rework hers, and I wanted one in general, and bonus -- they're super practical. Perfect for this challenge!

I did go over the following weekend for sewing, but shortly after we got back from the ball, I came down with a plague. I don't know where I got it, but it knocked me flat for several days. I was sewing and she was helping me fit and all the time I could hardly breathe and she brought me a sandwich I could barely eat. It was just lovely lol. But we did watch 60 episodes of The Lizzie Bennett Diaries which is a clever modern adaptation of Pride & Prejudice, and I did go home with my bodice and skirts constructed. All I needed to do was attach them together, put buttons on, and hem it.

I used a polished cotton in an adorable star print that I got from my mum's stash. I can actually get it on by myself by buttoning it up and then wiggling into the armholes. It's just darling (if dangerously low-cut!) and I would totally wear it as a summer dress too! It's about as low as my calf, I cut it much too long at first (of course) and then put it on Josephine under my Stashbusting sari gown because it's the shortest gown I currently have, and I didn't want it to show. Josephine of course can't show the proper fit of this, since she is very much not squishy like I am :) I'm really happy to add this to my wardrobe!

Front is pulled in with a ribbon drawstring.

The back closes with vintage buttons.

The Challenge: #5 Practicality
Fabric: 100% cotton
Pattern: La Mode Bagatelle
Year: 1810s-ish
Notions: poly ribbon, vintage (plastic) buttons, poly thread.
How historically accurate is it?: I don't even want to consider this category today lol.
Hours to complete: 8 or so (complicated by death plague)
First worn: Not yet.
Total cost: Free-to-me! Stashed fabric, ribbon from other projects, salvaged buttons.

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