Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014: A Year in Review

I can hardly believe that 2014 is nearly over! It seems like just a few short weeks ago that it was beginning. When I started compiling this list, I forgot about half of what was on it. I did a lot more than I remembered! Let's get down to the review of What I Accomplished, shall we? :)

 photo IMG_4692_zps53c37325.jpg
Hooded Cape

 photo IMG_4699_zpsdbd4db00.jpg
Undergarments (petticoat and bum pad)

Muff Base (no picture)

18th century chemise

Ballgown Bodice

1930s (?) Dirndl (The pattern came up on a Facebook group and many commenters disputed the date of the pattern)

Whore-I-Mean-Handmaiden Game of Thrones gown
Photo by Fearless Photoworks

Black and green 1860s corset


Tabi socks

Chizuru cosplay (Hakuoki)

18th century cap

Regency Paisley Day gown

Regency guimpe/chemisette

Regency Spencer

Regency muslin ball gown
Our hostess and her husband :)
Photo by Danny Jones Photography

Regency Men's tailcoats (3)
Photo by Danny Jones Photography

Candy-stripe farthingale (side view)

Candy-stripe bustle

1870s bonnet

Cropped Peasant Blouse
Photo by Kazoo Productions

75% of a hand-sewn Curtain Along gown

+ a few toiles and items that are currently PHD's.

PHEW!! That was a lot of things! Here's looking forward to a wonderfully dressed 2015!

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  1. Whoo hoo! You were busy this year and all of your hard work really paid off! Everything is so wonderful! Can't wait to see all the things 2015 brings!!!


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