Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Is there an echo in here?

I have not disappeared! I've been busy preparing for cons and also procrastinating on anything but the most important things. Which means... nothing much has gotten done. Not as much sewing as I need, no dishes, I haven't vacuumed in a couple weeks... Yep. I am really good at procrastinating.

Here's a look at things I want to post about or accomplish in the near future:

-Two completed and at least one upcoming HSF challenge
-Game of Thrones cosplay + tutorial
-Anime cosplay
-Hopefully some "wardrobe" entries to flesh out the page and my "resume", so to speak.
-The progress of the corset
-Updating my side bar...

I went to my first con of the "season" two weekends past, Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. I hadn't intended to go until about two weeks before it started, when they announced a guest I simply HAD to see. It was an amazing weekend, filled with friends and fun and delicious food. I made a Game of Thrones Shae-inspired gown, which I was calling "whore I mean handmaiden" gown since it could be easily adapted for whores as well as handmaidens :) My next con is in just a couple of days, of which I am busily sewing for, so I will blog about them after the long weekend!

I have no picture for you today, but let me tell you how much my cat is sassing me, now that the weather is above freezing (4 days a week, anyway. Really now, sort-of-northern Canada, it's MAY) and I can leave the patio door open a bit. He thinks he should be allowed outside on to my teeny tiny deck and chase all the songbirds!

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