Monday, January 27, 2014

HSF #25: One Metre: Green Neckerchief

One advantage to completing last year's challenges for the Historical Sew Fortnightly is that I can pick and choose which ones to complete based on the needs of my wardrobe and what I'm in interested in working on at the moment. I still feel like a dirty, dirty cheater for doing it this way, but at least it's getting my wardrobe up to snuff in a roundabout fashion ;)

I knew I needed a neckerchief or fichu to fill in the neckline of my pink gown, and for a time I waffled on whether or not I wanted to have a coloured one or wait until I could get some white linen. I did some poking around on the internet and decided that a coloured one would be fine. Lucky for me I had some hanky-weight linen I got for a steal at last year's sale in a pretty green. I just wish it was suitable for a shift too! It was a dream to sew!

The Challenge: #25: One Metre
Fabric: linen
Pattern: none; It is roughly 1m on all sides.
Year: 1775ish (does a hemmed square of fabric really have a year?)
Notions: Thread
How historically accurate is it?: 95%! The thread is polyester lol.
Hours to complete: 3.
First worn: Not yet.
Total cost: $2

Fills in the neck nicely :)

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