Friday, August 2, 2013

HSF: Challenge #2 - UFO: A Pair of Regency Gowns

I'd missed the deadline for the first challenge, so on January 15th, I was SUPER GUNG-HO EXCITED to start #2. I have a box in my sewing room JUST for UFOs (UnFinished Objects). Most of them are in the same general state of unfinished-ness, which is largely hemming. I headed downstairs and picked out a dress, and hemmed it. Yes! But it seemed like such a cop-out, since it was all done except for the hem, so I pulled out a couple more dresses to finish.

And then... I got the plague. I got two plagues, actually. I got over one (I think a stomach flu), felt OK for a day, and then promptly got another one (tonsilitis).

And THEN I discovered how adorable Korean boybands are, and I lost all of my free time to Youtube, but that's a post for a different blog ;)

Fast forward to the end of May. I saw my heterosexual life partner/historical costuming partner-in-crime and realized that we only had about 6 weeks to plan the Second Annual Canada Day Regency Picnic (which, in the end, didn't happen). I thought about what I was going to wear. I had recently received some lovely hanky-weight linens in greens as a birthday gift. Oh, I thought, I would make a long-sleeved Regency gown out of that. Then I remembered how I'd gone to my aforementioned partner-in-crime's house sometime last year and mostly-constructed a long-sleeved gathered-front Regency dress out of embroidered pink linen that was completely done except for the gathering ties, so I went and got it out of the pile and finally managed to get the ties threaded through the channels. I figured I can still submit it, since I'm super-late on all of the challenges so far, I'm submitting in the spirit of the challenge, and I'm not submitting it for more than one entry. Right?

The Challenge(s): Challenge #2 - UFO

Fabric: mint-and-green striped cotton; embroidered (poly) pink linen

Pattern: Mint: Sense and Sensibility's Elegant Lady's Closet cross-front gown; Pink: Simplicity 4055

Year: Mint: early-1800s; Pink: 1810-ish

Notions: pins, ribbon

How historically accurate is it are they? maybe 75%. All seams are machine-sewn, the fabrics are not strictly correct (linen, probably. The poly embroidering on it? Not so much).

Hours to complete: I don't even know at this point. Both of them languished for 6 months minimum before finishing, but given the general ease with which the patterns make up, not more than 12 hours each.

First worn: Neither has been worn yet.

Total cost: The mint fabric was about $25, and the pink linen was about the same. All the other materials needed came from my stash, so including thread and the like, $60 for both :)

I still haven't ironed this one. It's pretty wrinkly from hanging draped over a hanger since January.

Bonus! A fuzzy, pollen-covered bee 'tocks :D

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