Saturday, July 20, 2013

HSF #6: Stripes

Even though the deadline has long passed, I'd always intended to make this outfit for this challenge. I've missed every challenge but one so far... and even that one, I "cheated", since it was UFO and the only thing I had to do was hem the gown (that post is written, just awaiting pictures! As soon as my hollyhocks bloom...)

The dress is still missing buttons, but I'm calling it done. Woohoo!

The Challenge: #6 Stripes
Fabric: 100% Wool suiting, linen
Pattern: modified TV261 - 4 gore underskirt with inspiration from Fashions of the Gilded Age Vol. 1, TV464 1883 Riding Habit Bodice
Year: 1880-ish
Notions: Thread, hook and eye, buttons (eventually)
How historically accurate is it?: Maybe 75%? I used poly thread and machine stitched everything.
Hours to complete: 25-ish hours. I always forget to keep track.
First worn: First outing will be on August 5, so expect a picture post shortly after!
Total cost: $65 for the wool, maybe $10 for the linen.

I'm in looooove with the drape of this skirt. I used TV261 for the overall shape, shortened to guidelines from Fashions of the Gilded Age. I'd been wanting to try this out for awhile, and it seemed like it would work. I thought I made it a little too short, however, and was faced with a dilemma. Fashions indicated that a walking-length skirt should touch "the instep [in front], [and] the back just clears the ground" (pg 144). I cut it about 2" too short; the unhemmed pieces touch the instep in front and just clear the ground in back. But when I hemmed it and put it on, it was the perfect length. We shall see how it turns out when I wear it :D

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  1. Started trying to make this today, still at mock-up stage, my collar is nothing like how it should be. really struggling with the minimal instructions.


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